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Vaccination of children is a reliable method of protection against serious infectious diseases. It ensures the formation of immunity, thanks to which the body becomes resistant to infectious agents.

Vaccination is mandatory in Ukraine. Preventive vaccinations are given to children according to the national vaccination calendar or an individual schedule. The first vaccinations are given to newborns in the maternity hospital on the 1st and 3-5th day of life. First of all, children are vaccinated against hepatitis B and tuberculosis. Then, children up to the age of one are vaccinated 5 more times.

According to the order of the Ministry of Health No. 595, a mandatory medical examination of the child by a pediatrician is carried out before vaccination.


Why should you get vaccinated at the "Alergolog" medical center

  1. Before vaccination, a child can receive a consultation not only from a pediatrician, but also from an experienced allergist, which significantly reduces the risk of unwanted reactions and allows parents to avoid unnecessary questions and fears before vaccinating their child.
  2. We know all the risks of possible allergies and always try to prevent them.
  3. In case of allergic reactions, we can immediately provide professional medical assistance.
  4. We vaccinate children and parents, so there is no need to look for other specialists.
  5. We only have European pharmaceutical products and we follow transport and storage protocols.
  6. We provide both mandatory vaccination and additional vaccination against infections not listed in the general vaccination schedule (chicken pox, hepatitis A, pneumococcal infection, meningitis, typhoid, hemophilic bacillus, etc.)

Before vaccination, you must follow the basic rules:

  • The child should not have had the disease for 2 weeks before vaccination, and at the time of vaccination should be healthy (there should be no acute and exacerbation of a chronic disease).
  • The interval between two vaccinations should be at least 30 days, after Mantoux test - 3 days.
  • In the event of an anaphylactoid reaction, further vaccination is contraindicated, with a severe allergic history, the patient requires mandatory additional consultation and preparation for vaccination.
  • Children who are under dispensary registration with specialists must have reports with permission to carry out vaccination.
Children must have a vaccination card and an outpatient card with them

Vaccination appointments are made by calling:

+38 095 456 96 99, 56 Kharkivske Shosse St.

Or on our website by filling out the registration form


Remember that in all cases (even when the child is the healthiest) before vaccination, an examination by a pediatrician is mandatory (it costs UAH 300) and after the vaccine is administered, the child stays with one of the parents in the medical center for 30 minutes. Therefore, please plan your time in advance.

We wish you and your children good health!