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Consultation of an immunologist

in Specialist consultations

An immunologist is a doctor who diagnoses and treats diseases associated with disorders in the immune system - the body's defense system. People are recommended to consult an immunologist when the body's defenses are reduced - in cases when a person becomes prone to frequent colds and infectious diseases. In addition, an immunologist deals with the treatment of patients suffering from various allergic reactions and immunodeficiency conditions.
Modern lifestyle often leads to immune disorders. Unfavorable environmental factors, frequent stress, changes in diet, reduced physical activity of people, being in rooms with high concentration of microbes, dust, allergens, lack of light, all this leads to a decrease in immunity.
Unfortunately, there are no universal means of ""increasing"" immunity. The human immune system is so complex that if you don't know exactly what disorders it currently has, you can start stimulating it - this can lead to the development of autoimmune diseases or to an increase in existing immune disorders.
If you have significant immunity disorders, it is better to contact an immunologist for consultation and perform an immunological examination.
After receiving the results of the immunogram, you will be advised one or another immunomodulator that best corrects the existing disorders in the immune system."

The initial consultation of the allergist-immunologist E.Yu. Stroganova.

The consultation includes:

  • anamnesis collection and a complete examination, assigning of analysis for diagnostics of immune and interferon status;
  • appointment of diagnostic studies;
  • determining the treatment scheme

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Secondary сonsultation of an immunologist

Re-examination of the patient includes:

  • control of the dynamics of the action of medication;
  • correction of the primary treatment scheme;
  • interpretation of previously prescribed analyses;
  • determination of the prevention scheme.

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