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Map of allergens MIX 112

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When the allergy is combined or there is a suspicion of several types of allergies, we can offer a universal panel with recombinant allergens - the MIX (mixed) allergen card, for 112 allergens. This card contains all types of allergens: food, dust components, mold and bacteria, various plants and animals. Determination of antibodies to recombinant allergens allows to identify the leading component in the composition of complex allergens at the level of molecular allergology. This helps to differentiate true and cross-allergy. A large number of allergens in one study and a small amount of blood required make this analysis a unique tool for allergy diagnosis from early childhood.

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Map of allergens MIX 112
d01 mite Dermatophagoides pteronossinus f105 chocolate
d02 mite Dermatophagoides farinaef111 raspberry
e01 cat epitheliumf168 dry milk
e02 dog epitheliumf208 lemon
e31 horse epitheliumf209 grapefruit
E70 goose featherf210 pineapple
e81 sheep's woolf216 cabbage
e82 rabbit epithelium f217 Brussels sprouts
e204 bovine serum albuminf220 cinnamon
e213 parrot featherf221 coffee
e215 dove featherf222 black tea
f01 egg whitef225 pumpkin
f02 cow's milkf226 red radish
f03 codf231 black currant
f04 wheatf234 vanilla
f05 ryef235 lentils
f06 barleyf237 apricot
f07 oatsf242 cherry
f08 cornf244 cucumber
f09 ricef247 honey
f10 sesame f255 plum
f11 buckwheatf258 squid
f13 peanuts f259 grapes
f14 soyf260 broccoli
f16 walnutf261 asparagus
f20 almond f270 ginger
f24 shrimp f278 bay leaf
f25 tomatoesf280 black pepper
f26 porkf288 blueberry
f27 veal f295 pomegranate
f31 carrotf302 tangerine
f33 orangef342 olives
f35 potatof343 nectarine
f40 tunaf415 zander
f41 salmong03 Cat grass
f44 strawberryg06 timothy pollen
f45 baker's yeastg12 rye pollen
f47 garlicg205 rPhl p1 timothy
f48 oniong215 rPhl p5 timothy
f49 apple i06 cockroach
67 nGal d2 ovalbuminm01 Penicillium notatum
f70 Swiss cheese m03 Аspergillus fumigatus
f75 egg yolkm06 Аlternaria alternata
f76 alpha-lactalbumin m33 Aspergillus niger
f77 beta-lactoglobulin t02 alder pollen
f78 casein t03 birch pollen
f83 chicken t07 oak pollen
f84 kiwi t10 walnut pollen
f85 celeryt18 eucalyptus
f86 parsley t19 acacia pollen
f89 mustard t208 linden pollen
f90 malt t215 rBet v1 birch
f92 bananat216 rBet v2 birch
f93 cocoa w01 ambrosia pollen
f95 peach w06 wormwood pollen
f96 avocadoK82 latex

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