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The dust mite is the most common cause of allergic reactions. Actually, it is not the mites themselves that are dangerous for humans, but the substances contained in their excrement. These substances contain the digestive enzymes Der p1 and Der f1, with the help of which the mites break down parts of the human epidermis. These proteins are strong allergens.

We can cut off products that cause allergies, flowering affects us only seasonally, but the house dust mite lives in our apartments all the time. We are exposed to allergens throughout the year.

5 important rules for combating house dust mites:
1. We remove as much as possible from the apartment in which mites live in - everything soft and cozy, especially if you have this thing for more than two years.
2. We treat things we cannot part with with Allergoff spray. The effect is for 6 months.
3. Wash washables with Allergoff detergent. The effect isfor 1 month.
4. We do not spare pillows and throw them away once a year.
5. And most importantly - allergy sufferers CANNOT CLEAN THE HOUSE!
Cleaning should be done by someone who does not have allergies even when the allergy sufferer is absent!

What is Allergoff?

This is an acaricidal agent for the radical elimination of house dust allergens. The drug penetrates deep into the spraying area thanks to the innovative technology of polymer microencapsulation (Slow Release ™ technology), which ensures a gradual and controlled release of the contents of the capsule. Capsule shells slowly release active substances in a controlled manner. Safe and easy to use. It is produced in the form of a spray and liquid for washing.


Effective for up to 6 months after a single use. Up to a 400 ml bottle is enough to spray a surface of 40 m².

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Used for:

  • Bed linen;
  • mattresses;
  • upholstered furniture;
  • curtains;
  • soft toys;
  • carpets and carpet coverings;
  • children's car seats.

Neutralizes allergens:

  • house dust mite allergens;
  • pet fur allergens;
  • allergens of fungal spores;
  • pollen allergens.


  • safe for people and animals;
  • odorless;
  • does not contain propellant gases.

How to use::

Shake the can well before use.
Remove blankets, sheets, pillowcases, mattress toppers. Before applying the spray, vacuum mattresses, upholstered furniture, carpets and carpets.
Apply the spray to the surface of mattresses (on both sides), carpets and carpet coverings, blankets, pillows, upholstered furniture and soft toys. The contents of the can must be used completely during one treatment.
It is recommended not to use treated items for 1 hour until they are completely dry.


WARNING! It is recommended not to vacuum the floor for 3-4 days after applying spray, and it is recommended not to vacuum pillows, blankets and mattresses at all.

2. ALLERGOFF® DETERGENT 20 ml x 6 pcs

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3. ALLERGOFF® DETERGENT 20 ml x 1 pc

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For pre-soaking fabrics before washing.

  • Works for 1 month
  • One ampoule is enough for 5 kg of laundry
  • Effective against allergens when washing at temperatures below 60 ° C" 60 ° C

Used for:

  • bed linen;
  • quilts;
  • towels;
  • blanket;
  • clothes;
  • soft toys.

Neutralizes and removes allergens and parasites:

  • fleas;
  • Demodex mites;
  • house dust mites;
  • clothes louse;
  • scabies mite.


  • safe for people and animals;
  • odorless.
How to use:

Allergoff® laundry liquid should be used to soak fabrics before washing by hand or in the washing machine.

 Stage I: Soaking:
Cut off the tip of the ampoule with scissors and dissolve the entire contents of the ampoule in 20 liters of water (in a bowl or bath). The temperature of the water to be soaked should be suitable for the respective types of fabric, but not more than 60 ° C
Soak the laundry for 2 hours.
Stage II: hand or machine wash:
In case of hand washing after 2 hours, continue washing with powder or other detergents.
If machine washing, place the damp cloth in the washing machine and continue washing.
Washing should be continued using the minimum dose of detergent provided
by the manufacturer on the packaging. An additional rinse is recommended.


Tested on toxicological and dermatological tests
Certified by the National Institute of Health -
Państwowy Zakład Higieny nr PZH / HT-2700/2012

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Enjoy living in an allergen-free home!