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For the correct diagnosis of allergic diseases, accurate diagnostics is extremely important. Many symptoms of allergies can also be present in other diseases, starting from a viral infection, when there is severe runny nose, sneezing and breathing difficulties, to purely dermatological skin diseases, which often resemble urticaria or atopy.
Therefore, the constant tool of the doctor are laboratory and instrumental diagnostics.

In this ANALYSIS section, we present four groups

Prick tests

This is an "in vivo" study, when drops of allergens are dripped on the hand of a child older than 5 years or an adult. So that micropunctures of the skin are made with special "pricks". The study is conducted only on groups of inhalant allergens (plants, mold, mold, house dust mites)

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These are blood tests. We would like to note right away that almost all tests, including those for a large number of allergens, are taken from children's fingers!
In this section, you will find a complete list of what are called allergy panels, allergy tests, or an allergy passport. Our analyzes are performed on modern equipment taking into account all modern requirements, the most innovative methods and systems for allergen detection are used: IFA, ImmunoCAP, ImmunoLINE, Alleisa Screen, from the world's leading manufacturers - Ukraine, Germany, the Czech Republic. We are a specialized center, so our list includes more than 300 test options. You can do tests on food, grass, trees, animal hair, mold.
Studies can be offered both for one allergen and in combination. We would like to draw your attention to the fact that complex analyzes are always more convenient and cheaper. Modern technologies make it possible to conduct research on 100 or more allergens at once from a small amount of blood.
Please also consider that we are conducting research on the most modern components of allergens - allergy molecules.

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  Analyzes for beauty.

Oftenly, in order for the skin to be clean, the hair to be healthy and shiny, and the manicure to be delicate, it is necessary to undergo laboratory tests and find out what the aesthetic flaws are related to. In this section, we have collected tests that are necessary for patients with such problems and, surprisingly, for healthy people. For example, for the correct selection of vitamins or nutritional supplements, we recommend an analysis of 28 microelements for hair. And then buying jars with biotin or iron derivatives will be medically justified.

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Laboratory diagnostics.

Other groups of tests that can be performed at our center are presented here. These are detailed blood and urine tests, complex biochemical tests, infections, hormones, and the presence or absence of helminths. We remind you that we also mostly take these tests from children's fingers.
Diagnostics of the respiratory tract, the possibility of correcting doses of hormonal drugs, thanks to the new hardware method of research - Spirirography and FeNo, as well as a list of options for ultrasound studies and ECG, you will find in the DIAGNOSTICS section.

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