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Alleisa Screen

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New tests from the German company MediWiss Analytic GmbH investigate a wide range of allergens on a small amount of blood. Capillary blood is suitable for the test. No preparation or withdrawal of medication is required. High-tech, universal tests available in our center: Inhalation 30, Food 30, Atopic 30, Atopic extended 60.

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Allergen packs AlleisaScreen
Atopic extended 60
1Immunoglobulin (IgE) 31d1 Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus mite
2Indicators for highly reactive immunoglobulin E against carbohydrate chains: Bromelain (CCD1), Chron Peroxidase (CCD2), Ascorbate Oxidase (CCD3)32d2 Dermatophagoides farinae mite
3m Staph Staphylococcus mix (Enterotoxin, Enterotoxin B, TSS-Toxin 1)33d70 Acarus siro Mite
4f13 peanuts34i6 cockroach
5f36 coconut35t2 alder pollen
6f3 cod36t3 birch pollen
7f41 salmon37t4 hazelnut pollen
8f11 buckwheat flour38t7 oak pollen
9f7 oat flour39gx mixture of herbs
10f8 corn flour40g12 rye pollen
11f31 carrot41w1 Annual ragweed pollen
12f85 celery42w2 common ragweed pollen
13f49 apple43w6 wormwood pollen
14f33 orange44w7 oxeye daisy pollen
15f27 beef45w9 Plantago pollen
16f26 pork46w20 nettle pollen
17f83 chicken meat47w206 chamomile pollen
18f35 potatoes48i1 bee poison
19f4 wheat flour49i3 wasp poison
20f5 rye flour50k82 latex
21f25 tomatoes51m2 fungus Cladosporium herbarum
22f218 bell pepper52m6 fungus Alternaria alternata
23f92 bananas53m1 fungus Penicillium notatum
24f1 egg white54m3 fungus Aspergillus fumigatus
25f75 egg yolk55e1 cat epidermis
26f2 cow's milk56e3 horse epidermis
27f76 alpha-lactalbumin57e5 dog epidermis
28f77 beta-lactoglobulin58e6 guinea pig epidermis
29f78 casein59e82 rabbit epidermis
30f14 soy60e84 hamster epidermis
Food 30
1immunoglobulin IgE16f26 pork
2Indicators for highly reactive immunoglobulin E against carbohydrate chains: Bromelain (CCD1), Chron Peroxidase (CCD2), Ascorbate Oxidase (CCD3)17f83 chicken meat
3m Staph Staphylococcus mix (Enterotoxin, Enterotoxin B, TSS-Toxin 1)18f35 potatoes
4f13 peanuts19f4 wheat flour
5f36 coconut20f5 rye flour
6f3 cod21f25 tomatoes
7f41 salmon22f218 bell pepper
8f11 buckwheat flour23f92 bananas
9f7 oat flour24f1 egg white
10f8 corn flour25f75 egg yolk
11f31 carrot26f2 cow's milk
12f85 celery27f76 alpha-lactalbumin
13f49 apple28f77 beta-lactoglobulin
14f33 orange29f78 casein
15f27 beef30f14 soy
Inhalant 30
1Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus mite16w20 nettle pollen
2Dermatophagoides farinae mite17w206 chamomile pollen
3 Acarus siro mite 18i1 bee poison
4i6 cockroach19i3 wasp poison
5t2 alder pollen20k82 latex
6t3 birch pollen21m2 fungus Cladosporium herbarum
7t4 hazelnut pollen22m6 fungus Alternaria alternata
8t7 oak pollen23m1 fungus Penicillium notatum
9gx mixture of herbs24m3 fungus Aspergillus fumigatus
10g12 rye pollen25e1 cat epidermis
11w1 Annual ragweed pollen26e3 horse epidermis
12w2 common ragweed pollen 27e5 dog epidermis
13w6 wormwood pollen28e6 guinea pig epidermis
14w7 oxeye daisy pollen29e82 rabbit epidermis
15w9 Plantago30e84 hamster epidermis
Atopic 30
1d1 Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus mite16e82 rabbit epithelium
2d2 Dermatophagoides farinae mite17m1 fungus Penicillium notatum
3t2 alder pollen18m2 fungus Cladosporium herbarum
4t3 birch pollen19m3 fungus Aspergillus fumigatus
5t4 hazelnut pollen20m6 fungus Alternaria alternata
6t7 oak pollen21w1 ragweed pollen
7gx mixture of herbs22f3 cod
8g12 rye pollen23f23 crabs
9w6 wormwood pollen24f1 egg white
10Plantago25f2 cow's milk
11e1 cat epidermis26f13 peanuts
12e3 horse epidermis27f17 hazelnut
13e5 dog epidermis28f31 carrot
14e6 guinea pig epidermis29f4 wheat flour
15e84 hamster epidermis30f14 soy

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