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Recombinant food allergens

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Molecular diagnosis of allergies is necessary in the most difficult diagnostic cases. These studies allow not only to detect the allergen, but also to show whether there is no cross-reaction between several types of molecules and which allergen is the most "malignant" in this case. These allergens are called "major", they have the greatest diagnostic value.

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Recombinant food allergens (molecules)
f433 rTri a14, LTP Wheat flour
f416 rTri a19 Wheat flour, omega-5 gliadin
f67 nGal d2 Ovalbumin
f68 nGal d1 Ovomucoid
f69 nGal d3 Conalbumin (ovotransferrin)
k208 nGal d4 Egg lysozyme
f78 nBos d8 Casein
f352 rAra h8 Peanut
f353 rGly m4 Soya
f434 r Mal d1 Apple
f311 r Dau c1 Carrot
f76 nBos d4 Alpha-Lactalbumin
f77 nBos d5 Beta-Lactoglobulin
e204 nBos d6 Bovine serum albumin
f417 rApi g8 Celery
f414 rApi g1 Celery

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