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Guide to emollient creams for winter care. How to choose an effective moisturizing and protection ritual for atopic skin.

The problem of irritated skin in babies and children is a daily concern of parents. But how to find out if it is diaper dermatitis or the first manifestations of allergies? And how not to miss the development of atopic dermatitis?
One of the main ways to affect skin prone to atopic dermatitis is to prevent this circle with the regular use of emollients.

Guide to creams - emollients

Knowing how difficult it is sometimes not to get lost in a pharmacy and to purchase something specifically for your problem, the allergists of our medical center have created a special project for everyone who suffers from the problems of atopic, irritated, sensitive and dehydrated skin.
We have collected the best tips and the most effective remedies for children and adults with different requests. Among the list of creams, you will also find simple rules that will make your everyday life easier, as well as instructions for emergency help in case of exacerbation of skin symptoms. The guide is suitable for saving on your phone or computer, but we still advise you to print it and always have it at hand.

Open and download from this link.