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Respiratory gymnastics according to the method of V. Frolov.

Breathing is energy and the basis of life.

Breathing training is the most effective method of improving health and prolonging life.
The most convenient, effective, reliable and available for use today is the method of breathing training on the Frolov breathing simulator (individual inhaler simulator).

The training method on the simulator is suitable for almost any person, starting from the age of three. Breathing training can be done both in a medical facility and at home. It is necessary to start classes after consulting a doctor with obtaining an individual breathing scheme, since each person has different diseases and it is necessary to choose the degree of load.

This breathing simulator is effectively used for respiratory, cardiovascular, nervous, endocrine and other diseases. Using Frolov breathing simulator are especially important for patients with bronchial asthma, allergic rhinitis-conjunctivitis-pharyngitis, because even with the first inhalations and exhalations, bronchial spasm is relieved, shortness of breath decreases, sputum and mucous secretions from the nose improve, sleep and psychoemotional state also improve. An important point is the stimulation of immune cells without the use of medications.

Principle of work:
Clean drinking water is used for breathing exercises on the simulator - this creates resistance to breathing on exhalation. Diaphragmatic type of breathing and maximally long exhalation are practiced.
Contraindications to respiratory gymnastics are acute disease states and are determined individually.


Consultation Consultation of a doctor, training in breathing exercises + individual Frolov breathing simulatorConsultation of a doctor, training exercises on breathing simulator
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