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Treatment of allergies by the method of specific immunotherapy (ASIT)

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SIT or ASIT therapy: Allergo Specific Immunotherapy is a real allergy treatment.

One of the few methods of allergy treatment that allows you to ensure a stable state of health for many years.

This method prevents the appearance of symptoms and "switches" the mechanisms of the human immune system.

Thanks to the obtained results, this method of treatment is called a true allergy treatment.


The essence of SIT therapy:
The method of this treatment implies that there will be an injection of microdoses of allergens which human body reacts to and, as a result, there will be developing immunity to this allergen.

Examinations required for the appointment of SIT therapy:

  • skin tests (prick tests);
  • blood tests for specific allergens (allergy tests);
  • detailed blood test;
  • immunogram;
  • determining the level of IgE.

Please take into account that all the above examinations should be done no later than 3 weeks before the appointment of SIT Therapy, and point 3 - immediately before SIT Therapy.

To whom is SIT therapy recommended?

To everyone who suffers from an allergic reaction:
  • in the spring-summer period (pollen allergens);
  • on the components of house dust (household and fungal allergens);
  • on animal fur.

How is SIT therapy performed?
Treatment is carried out in a course. The entire period of treatment lasts about 3 years.
SIT therapy for pollen allergens (pollen of grasses, flowers and trees) is usually carried out after flowering. In case of reaction to household dust, mold, animal fur, SIT therapy can be carried out all year round.

WARNING! SIT therapy is not performed on food allergens.

Result of SIT therapy:

  • reduction, up to complete disappearance, of allergy symptoms for years;
  • prevention of the development of bronchial asthma;
  • reducing the severity of symptoms of bronchial asthma or asthmatic bronchitis.

Our medical center offers the following packages of specific immunotherapy (SIT):

Package ASIT therapy "Injection 1". Initial course. A course of 24 injections, 3 months according to the scheme4800 UAH
ASIT therapy package "Injection 1A". Supportive course. Course 1 vial 950 UAH
ASIT therapy package "Injection 2". Initial course. Course for 6 weeks, 1 injection per week. Mixture of May / Mixture of sods / Birch / Mixture of house dust mites / Ambrosia / Wormwood / Ambrosia + Wormwood / Cat fur / Dog fur / Alternative5950 UAH
ASIT therapy package "Injection 2A". Supportive course. Course for 5 months, 1 injection per month.13100 UAH
Package ASIT therapy "Injection 3". Supportive course. Course 1 injection.2800 UAH
Dragee" ASIT therapy package. Initial course.4100 UAH
Dragee" ASIT therapy package. Supportive course.2000 UAH
ASIT therapy package "Spray". Initial course. 2 vials. Course for 6 months.12700 UAH
ASIT therapy package "Spray". Supportive course. 2 vials. The course for 6 months. 12700 UAH
Lopharma 40 ASIT therapy package 10600 UAH
Lopharma 70 ASIT therapy package16800 UAH