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Medical Center "Alergolog"

The problem of allergies worries today, unfortunately, every second person. Atopic dermatitis in babies, seasonal allergies in adults, dermatitis from food and anaphylaxis from bee stings are serious problems that cannot go away on their own. And we seek medical advice. How do we want to see the clinic we go to with our problem? Of course, the appointment should be conducted by an experienced specialist who understands the disease and knows modern methods of treatment and diagnosis. We want the analyzes that are assigned to us to be accurate and informative. We want there to be no queues, incompetent employees, and to be treated humanely.

For 17 years of successful work, the Medical Center "Allergologi" has shown that we are the best in the treatment of allergies!

Our advantages:

  • Allergology is our specialty, which means that we know everything about allergy problems; Only experienced specialists work in our center: candidates of medical sciences, doctors of the highest category, members of the Ukrainian and European Association of Allergists;
  • We treat atopic dermatitis, allergic rhinitis and pollinosis, food allergy, allergy of unknown etiology, bronchial asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia, bacterial and viral infections of the respiratory tract;
  • We accept babies, children, teenagers and adults;
  • We do not treat symptoms - we find the cause of the disease;
  • We have the latest diagnostic equipment: NIOX VERO® FeNO and AioCare. In our center you can undergo a specialized examination;
  • We work with young children and know firsthand about all the problems of taking blood from babies, so in our center we work on microtechnology and practically all tests are taken from children's fingers;
  • Our prices are completely transparent, on our website we always have up-to-date prices without hidden payments for "treatment scheme, test tubes, blood sampling, etc."
  • 17 years of work and many grateful patients are the best characteristics of our center!

We help you and your children to be healthy!