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Consultation of an allergist

in Specialist consultations

An allergist is a specialist who diagnoses allergic manifestations and diseases, as well as prescribing a treatment. Allergist investigates the cause of the allergy, the mechanism of its development, and explains prevention methods to the patient.
At the ""Alergolog"" Center, appointments are conducted by allergists who constantly improve their knowledge and undergo internships in medical centers abroad. Therefore, if you or your loved ones need the services of an allergist, just make an appointment im our clinic."

Primary consultation of an allergist for adult patients.
The appointment includes: conducting a consultative appointment, prescribing a treatment and prevention scheme, providing emergency care to patients with asthma attacks. Carrying out comprehensive measures for the treatment and prevention of seasonal allergies, respiratory diseases with an allergic history, allergic conjunctivitis, rhinitis, skin lesions.
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Primary consultation of a pediatric allergist.
The first appointment of an allergist includes: consultation, diagnostics and prescription of treatment regimens for allergic diseases and disorders of the immune system in children (allergic rhinitis and conjunctivitis, pollinosis, bronchial asthma, atopic dermatitis, eczema, urticaria, immunodeficiency, etc.)
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Secondary appointment of an adult and pediatric allergist.
Second appointment of an adult or a child includes: control of the dynamics of recovery, correction of the primary treatment regimen, interpretation of previously prescribed tests, prevention regimen.
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Consultation of the head physician Shotka Tetyana Petrivna.
A leading specialist in the field of early diagnosis of bronchial asthma in children, obstructive bronchitis, complex forms of atopic dermatitis, polyvalent allergies, seasonal pollinosis. Conducts independent consultation on analyzes from other medical institutions.
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Consultation of the leading allergist Kosovan Yu.P.
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Consultation of the allergist-immunologist Stroganova E.Yu.
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