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Molecular package of allergens "Universal"

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Research on 98 allergens

Molecular diagnosis of allergies
is necessary in the most difficult diagnostic cases. These studies allow not only to detect the allergen, but also to show whether there is no cross-reaction between several types of molecules and which allergen is the most "malignant" in this case. These allergens are called "major", they have the greatest diagnostic value.

The molecular package of allergens "Universal" contains 98 allergenic components. This analysis is truly universal, you will immediately know which allergens should be avoided, and for which it is desirable to conduct ASIT (Allergen-Specific Immunotherapy). Your doctor will have enough information to decide on the treatment, but you will not you will not do any unnecessary research, because this package contains only the most important and most common allergens - pollen, household, food.

It contains components such as ragweed, wormwood and timothy pollen molecules. The pollen of these plants causes all the unpleasant symptoms in allergy sufferers from July (timothy pollen) to September (Ragweed, wormwood).

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Surprisingly enough, the manifestations of seasonal allergies can also begin at the end of February and the beginning of March. Most often we think that it is a cold, but no - 60% of people who go to the doctor with a regular runny nose are allergic to tree components , among which birch is one of the most allergenic.

Parts of house dust mites, unfortunately, are present in every home. Therefore, people who are sensitive to these "pets" suffer from allergies all year round. For the treatment of year-round allergies, it is also very important, first of all, to determine which molecules cause allergies.

The comprehensive study includes allergens of the epithelium of cats, dogs, horses, and allergens of fungi (molds), including Alternaria Alternata. Also, you will find out if you are allergic to insect poisons.

Of course, food products can also cause allergies. This molecular package includes the most common products in our diet. Namely: components of chicken eggs, milk, fish, nuts, vegetables, fruits, wheat and soy

The molecular package of allergens "Universal" will show whether or not there is an allergy to all these components.

The analysis is intended for adults and children. Both venous and capillary blood are suitable for the test, so in children we take blood from a finger, which significantly reduces the stress of the manipulation.

No preparation or cancellation of medication is required.

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Universal" 98 allergens"
1t03 Birch, 50d01 Dermatophagoides pteromyssinus,
2Bet v1 Birch, 51Der p1 Dermatophagoides pteromyssinus,
3Bet v2 Birch, 52Der p10 Dermatophagoides pteromyssinus,
4Bet v4 Birch, 53f01 Egg white,
5t09 Olive, 54f75 Egg yolk,
6Ole e1 Olive, 55Gal d1 Ovumucoid,
7Ole e2 Olive, 56Gal d2 Ovalbumin,
8Ole e7 Olive, 57Gal d3 Conalbumin (ovotransferrin),
9t11 Sycamore, 58f208 Egg lysozyme,
10Pla a1 Sycamore, 59f02 Cow's milk,
11Pla a3 Sycamore , 60Bos d4 Alpha-Lactalbumin,
12t23 Cypress, 61Bos d5 Beta-Lactoglobulin,
13g06 Timothy, 62Bos d6 Bovine whey albumin,
14Phl p1 Timothy, 63Bos d8 Casein,
15Phl p2 Timothy, 64f03 Cod,
16Phl p5 Timothy, 65Gad c1 Cod,
17Phl p6 Timothy, 66f04 Wheat,
18Phl p7 Timothy, 67Tri a19 Wheat,
19Phl p12 Timothy, 68f98 Gliadin,
20w01 Ragweed, 69f13 Peanut,
21Amb a1 Ragweed, 70Ara h1 Peanut,
22w06 Wormwood, 71Ara h2 Peanut,
23Art v1 Wormwood, 72Ara h3 Peanut,
24Art v3 Wormwood, 73Ara h8 Peanut,
25w09 Plantago, 74Ara h9 Peanut,
26Pla l1 Plantago, 75f14 Soya,
27w11 Salsola ( Plumeless thistles), 76Gly m4 Soy,
28Sal k1 Salsola (Plumeless thistles), 77Gly m5 Soy,
29w21 Wallwort, 78f49 Apple,
30Par j2 Wallwort, 79Mal d1 Apple,
31i06 Red cockroach, 80Mal d3 Apple,
32i01 Bee venom, 81f95 Peach,
33i03 Wasp venom, 82Pur p3 Peach,
34k82 Latex, 83f343 Raspberry,
35e01 Epithelium of a cat, 84f17 Hazelnut,
36Fel d1 Cat, 85Cor a1 Hazelnut,
37e05 Epithelium of a dog, 86f85 Celery,
38Can f1 Dog, 87Api g1 Celery,
39Can f5 Dog, 88Api g4 Celery,
40e03 Equine epithelium, 89f31 Carrot,
41Equ c1 Horse, 90Dau c1 Carrot,
42m06 Alternaria alternata, 91Dau c4 Carrot,
43Alt a1 Alternaria alternata, 92f25 Tomato,
44m05 Candida albicans, 93f92 Banana,
45m03 Astergilus fumigatus,94f33 Orange,
46m02 Cladosporium herbarum, 95f242 Cherry,
47m01 Penicillum chrysogenum, 96CCD (Bromelain, Ascorbate oxidase, Horseradish peroxidase)
48d70 Acarus siro, 97CCD. Ascorbate oxidase
49d02 Dermatophagoides farinae, 98CCD. Horseradich peroxidase

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