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Nutrition genetic passport

in Beauty and health

The long-known saying of Hippocrates: "We are what we eat."

Today, there are many tests that allow you to find out whether there is an allergy or food intolerance to food, how much protein to eat and not to eat carbohydrates. But, if you are a healthy person and want to stay young for many years, what should you eat? Broccoli with avocado? Always? And if you want coffee?

We present to you a new, unique research method - the genetic Nutrition Passport. Research that shows what is genetically beneficial or harmful for you.

This is your unique diet. Or a way of life.


As a result of the research, you will receive information:

  • what type of diet suits you for weight control;
  • do you need unloading days;
  • do you have an increased need for Omega-3, vitamins B and D, antioxidants;
  • do you have lactose intolerance and can you eat dairy products;
  • what type of physical activity and what intensity is right for you;
  • how many cups of coffee a day can you drink without harming your health
The results you will receive will always be true, that is, your whole life. They will be presented in the form of a book that you can always reread.
Of course, no one excludes acquired changes in the body - disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, an allergic or pseudoallergic reaction, alcohol or carbohydrate intoxication of the body. But, if you eat exactly what is useful and necessary for your body, start doing physical activities necessary for you, then your body (and soul, of course) will thank you.

Download a sample of a genetic nutrition passport (PDF file)