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Allergy treatment by specific immunotherapy (ASIT)

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Package ASIT therapy "Injection 1". Initial course. A course of 24 injections, 3 months according to the scheme4800 UAH
ASIT therapy package "Injection 1A". Supportive course. Course 1 vial 950 UAH
ASIT therapy package "Injection 2". Initial course. Course for 6 weeks, 1 injection per week. Mixture of May / Mixture of sods / Birch / Mixture of house dust mites / Ambrosia / Wormwood / Ambrosia + Wormwood / Cat fur / Dog fur / Alternative5950 UAH
ASIT therapy package "Injection 2A". Supportive course. Course for 5 months, 1 injection per month.13100 UAH
Package ASIT therapy "Injection 3". Supportive course. Course 1 injection.2800 UAH
Dragee" ASIT therapy package. Initial course.4100 UAH
Dragee" ASIT therapy package. Supportive course.2000 UAH
ASIT therapy package "Spray". Initial course. 2 vials. Course for 6 months.12700 UAH
ASIT therapy package "Spray". Supportive course. 2 vials. The course for 6 months. 12700 UAH
Lopharma 40 ASIT therapy package 10600 UAH
Lopharma 70 ASIT therapy package16800 UAH