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Treatment of allergies

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Treatment of allergies is a complex and multi-stage process.

It is wrong to think that taking pills that are advertised on TV will save us forever from the manifestations of allergies.

In order to properly treat any type of allergic reaction, it is necessary, first of all, to find out the cause - thus, to identify the allergen(s). Only an accurate diagnostics and determination of the causes of allergies can allow treatment, or exclude contact with the allergen, which will allow to obtain a long-term positive result.

Depending on the methods of treatment, there are symptomatic treatment of allergies and real treatment (SIT therapy).

Symptomatic treatment

This is a course of treatment with already existing complaints and symptoms. Most often, this is taking drugs that reduce the immune system's response, but give only a temporary effect.

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SIT therapy or true treatment

This type of treatment, on the contrary, prevents the appearance of symptoms and "switches" the mechanisms of the human immune system, which allows to ensure a stable state of health for many years.

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As a prophylactic measure to prevent allergies, breathing training is recommend - the most effective method of improving health and prolonging life.
The most convenient, quite effective, reliable and available for use today is the method of breathing training on the Frolov simulator (Individual simulator-inhaler).

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In addition, in some cases it is possible to exclude or reduce the contact of the immune system with the allergen, which also allows to achieve a long-term positive effect.

As a preventive and curative measure, our medical center offers Allergoff -  an acaricidal agent for the radical elimination of allergens from house dust.

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