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Hair analysis for 28 trace elements

in Beauty and health
According to medical research, almost every person who has at least once dealt with a diet or suffers from allergies is familiar with the imbalance of trace elements in the body.

It would seem a trifle, but it is this "trifle" that becomes the trigger for nervous breakdowns, diseases, and as well as loss of external attractiveness.

Spectral analysis of hair for microelements is a study of the content of "useful" and "harmful" chemical elements in the human body by hair..

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Potassium, calcium, iron, copper, zinc, chromium, selenium are "useful" minerals. They ensure the normal functioning of our body. Conversely, toxic elements of industrial origin (mercury, cadmium, lead, arsenic) poison our body.

Hair composition provides information on the content of macro- and microelements and heavy metals in the tissues of the human body over the past 3 months. The existence of a deficiency, excess or imbalance of elements in the composition of hair indicates a violation of their intake, assimilation, removal or distribution in the body. One of the signs that the body needs "mineral" support is intense hair loss.

Ca (Calcium) S (Sulfur)Ba (Barium)
Zn (Zinc)Br (Bromine)Pb (Lead)
K (Potassium) Cl (Chlorine)As (Arsenic)
Fe (Iron)Co (Cobalt)Hg (Mercury)
Cu (Copper) Ag (Silver)Cd (Cadmium)
Se (Selenium) V (Vanadium)Sb (Antimony)
Mn (Manganese)Ni (Nickel)Zr (Zirconium)
Cr (Chromium) Rb (Rubidium) Sn (Tin)
Mo (molybdenum)Bi (bismuth)
Sr (Strontium)
Ti (Titan)

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 Why do you need diagnostics for microelements?

  • Assess the body's supply of mineral components.
  • Form a diet that would fill their deficit and allow them to be absorbed.
  • Determine those minerals that need to be replenished with additional medication.
  • Determine the level of heavy metal pollution.
  • Detect toxic metals - the cause of many health disorders (fatigue, hair loss, a number of serious diseases).
  • Monitor the effectiveness of taking drugs, normalizing nutrition and cleansing the body as a whole.
Spectral analysis of hair for microelements determines a violation of the balance of elements already at an early stage. The obtained results make it possible to carry out the necessary set of measures aimed at the prevention of various diseases associated with an imbalance of minerals.



  • suffer from allergies;
  • constantly feel tired and irritable;
  • dissatisfied with the condition of the skin, hair and nails;
  • live or work in unfavorable conditions;
  • prone to chronic stress (intense work, study, troubles in personal life, etc.);
  • you often get sick;
  • have a hereditary predisposition to diseases;
  • have bad habits (smoking, alcohol, drugs);
  • are pregnant or nursing a baby;
  • are on diets;
  • actively do sports;
  • suffer from diseases of the gastrointestinal and endocrine systems (including intestinal dysbiosis)

Then you need to check the balance of microelements in the body in order to timely detect the deficiency of certain biologically active substances.


Material collection and marking technique:

  • Hair must be clean (without varnish, foam and other styling products);
  • Cut the hair under the root from the back of the head in several places;
  • The total amount of hair should not be less (by the thickness of the strand) than the shaft of the handle. If the hair is short, then at least a teaspoon;
  • Place the cut hair on a clean sheet of paper so that it lies in one direction;
  • Tie the hair with a thread or rubber band near the roots;
  • Wrap the hair in paper and put it in an envelope;
  • Write on the envelope the surname, first name, patronymic surname, weight, height, date of birth.
In addition, we will ask you to write in the questionnaire:
  • Where were you born (city)?
  • Where have you lived for the past 5 years?
  • Do you have professional injuries?
  • Food: mixed, vegetarian?
  • Your bad habits?
  • What is your natural hair color?

It is necessary to indicate if in the last 3 months the following occurred:

  • Hair dyeing, perm (what exactly, when)?
  • Use of medicines for hair (which, when)?
  • Use of mineral complexes, medicines?

Download and print the Multi-element hair analysis questionnaire

Contraindications: acute toxic reactions. The analysis is carried out at least 14 days after stopping treatment.

WARNING! The study is conducted at least 2 weeks after hair dyeing. If there is an urgent need to do research before the 2-week deadline, then in the questionnaire, be sure to indicate the date of hair dyeing.

Also, an analysis of 28 microelements is carried out on blood

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 Download sample hair analysis for 28 microelements