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Spirography - evaluation of the functional state of the lungs

This study allows to determine the functional state of the lungs and to assume or confirm the diagnosis of bronchial asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Spirometry using the AioCare device is new for the diagnosis of asthma and COPD patients in Ukraine!

In September 2020, the first new AioCare device in Ukraine for high-quality modern spirometry appeared in our medical center, at 25 Chornovola Street!

AioCare is a professional system for monitoring and treating lung diseases, consisting of a portable spirometer connected to a smartphone application and an online panel to access the results. The device allows for a full spirometric test in the doctor's office, including a test with bronchial stress.

The new AioCare device for more accurate diagnosis of diseases associated with airway obstruction, namely:


  • high accuracy of determining the necessary indicators
  • ease of use by children and adults
  • exclusion of errors when performing the test
  • possibility of instant interpretation of results
  • also shows heart rate and can be used for peak flow
  • transfer of results to any patient's gadget: smartphone, tablet, computer
  • the possibility of saving data in the database of the clinic and the patient, for further comparison and evaluation of the effectiveness of treatment


What can we learn with the help of this diagnosis?

  • The volume of air that is necessary for calm breathing
  • The volume of full inhalation and exhalation
  • How much can you exhale during a sharp exhalation in the first second
  • The reserve volume of air, the one that remains after a calm exhalation
  • The final volume of air, the one that will still remain even if you exhale maximally
  • Different exhalation speed indicators

When is spirography needed?

It is advisable to conduct spirography if you:

  • is a smoker with many years of experience;
  • you feel shortness of breath / a feeling of lack of air;
  • you have heredity burdened by diseases of the respiratory system or allergic diseases;
  • you need to determine the degree of incapacity;
  • you need correction of the therapy of lung diseases;
  • your work is related to exposure to occupational harmful factors;
  • you are scheduled to undergo a surgical operation;
  • you are overweight.

Spirography should be performed if you have:

  • long and protracted unprovoked cough (for 3-4 weeks or more, often after SARS and acute bronchitis);
  • there is shortness of breath, a feeling of "blockage" in the chest;
  • there is "wheezing" and "whistling" breathing mainly during exhalation;
  • there is a feeling of difficulty exhaling and inhaling.

It is most important to conduct lung function tests annually for all people who have smoked for more than 10 years. This is due to the fact that with long-term smoking, about a third of smokers develop chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Against the background of the changing ecology, the nature of nutrition and other reasons that have not yet been established, the prevalence of this disease is increasing every year. Its insidiousness lies in the fact that it develops slowly, and complaints appear when the function of the lungs is significantly impaired. In addition, the treatment of the disease to date is limited only to stopping its progression, treatment methods that restore lung function have not yet been developed. That is why it is important to detect such violations as early as possible.

How is spirography performed?

It is conducted in the morning or afternoon, approximately 2 hours after a light breakfast. Before the examination, you need to rest in a sitting position for 15 minutes. 

Preparation for spirogram:

Before conducting spirography, you must stop smoking for 2 hours
Bronchodilators (expand the bronchi) short-acting drugs are canceled 6 hours before the study, long-acting - 12 hours.
Theophylline - in 24 hours
Antihistamines - in 48 hours.

Typical patient errors when performing a spirogram:

  • insufficiently tight grip of the disposable rubber mouthpiece, which leads to air leakage between it and the patient's lips;
  • incomplete inhalation;
  • untimely, even before the capture of rubber mouthpiece, the beginning of forced exhalation;
  • excessive pursing of the lips or clenching of the teeth;
  • lack of adequate volitional effort;
  • insufficient duration of exhalation;
  • premature inhalation;
  • the occurrence of a cough at the moment of performing a breathing maneuver.

Bronchodilation test.

The test is carried out using salbutamol, ipratropium bromide or their combination. Examination of the external breathing function is performed before and after inhalation of the bronchodilator (for salbutamol after 15 minutes, for ipratropium bromide after 30 minutes, for the combination - after 30 minutes). Drugs are administered using a metered aerosol, through a nebulizer or metered aerosol from spacers.

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